Monday, September 17, 2012

Nubble Lighthouse and Ninjas

Why am I in Vermont when Amanda Palmer is playing at Tipitina's in New Orleans?

Studying comics.

I visited York Beach, ME with Laurel on the 7th. Haven't been there in ages and I promised myself I'd go back there someday. It was a nice retreat from the claustrophobic climate here in White River Junction. 

We both did a little sketching. Laurel posted her sketches here on her blog. Check them out!

I was really glad I got to go to the beach at least once this summer, even if it was after Labor Day.   

16 Pages

Last Tuesday we were handed our first assignment of the year:

Essentially: to create 16 pages of the best comics we can before Oct. 23rd.

And right then I knew exactly the story I want to tell:

There's story you've been waiting and waiting to tell.

You've got yours.

I've got mine: a revenge story.

Revenge stories are so much fun.
Everyone loves a good revenge story. 
It's a guilty pleasure. 

I realized how simple this could be if I just strip it down.

No. Or rather...

Not how simple it could be… but how simple it has to be. 

It doesn't have to complicated because it stands for something complicated and the point of the story is to simplify it for everyone to enjoy.

At least I hope so (also hoping it's been enough time since that annoying Ninja fad that discouraged me from telling the story originally.)

Anyway, I'm very excited to begin!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Balloon Animals

A sketch of two of my characters: Snowbear and Chilly.

Here's my first little stab at a web presence. In the past I've been pretty bad about it. Save for occasional pictures I've put up in my Facebook albums. I haven't done much in the way of posting any of my work online. 

Perhaps I'll be forgiven if I make up for it from now on. 

Figured blogspot was the place to go since tumblr moves a bit too fast for my liking (and would probably be a hassle to keep up with) and also because Chris Duffy, Paul Pope, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba all seem to find them sufficient for posting updates.

So, here I am, world. Come and find me.
Here I am.
Or at least until I get a website. 
This is where I'll be.


The room my brother and I used to sleep in (which is now entirely my brother's room) had one of those inspirational posters. 

It was a picture of a little boy and a man. Both were reaching for a balloon the boy had accidentally let go of.
The poster said something it said something like (I don't remember it exactly):

"once lost 
a reputation is virtually impossible to regain"

Since then, the image of balloons wandering in the atmosphere has drifted through my night and daydreams.
Whenever I took one home after a birthday party or some special occasion I made a point never to let it go. It's much like the many ideas my brother and I plan on turning into stories. I want to hold on tight to them. I've spent so long keeping them a secret. Afraid they might be stolen away. Or misunderstood.

And mostly, I didn't want any turtles to choke.

I don't want to think that way anymore though, in terms of what people will think of me.
A palm reader told me that the lines of what I want to do and what i'm worried people will think about my intentions are crisscrossed such that I am paralyzed to inaction.

The truth is this, birds are meant to fly and balloons are meant to soar.
We tie them to the earth, but a balloon is meant to fly or it will wither as the air escapes.

I will not let my dreams wither with me.
I must let them rise. 

Tomorrow begins the first week of my senior year at the Center for Cartoon Studies.
Wish me luck.
Going to make this a good year.